Due to COVID-19, my practice had to change dramatically in 2020, and face-to-face became impossible. It was important to protect both my clients and my family during a global pandemic. While I was first hesitant to use online counselling, I wanted to continue counselling clients, so I opted to use Zoom. I have since found Zoom to be a really good delivery mechanism for therapy, and body language and tone have not been impacted. Furthermore, some clients are less nervous about counselling now, feeling comfortable seeing me in their own home. Some client’s haven’t needed to worry about organising babysitters or having to travel. An added bonus is that client’s can have a session from anywhere in the country. Also, a couple do not have to be in the same house to have therapy together, so I’ve been working with people far and wide.  

2021 Update: While Zoom is the only therapy delivery at this time, I should be resuming face-to-face therapy in July. However, because Zoom has become so popular, I will continue to offer online therapy to those clients who prefer it. It will be nice to offer both options to any potential or ongoing clients. I’m excited moving forward with face-to-face and Zoom both being able to be utilised in this practice come mid this year.

Kind Regards,