In accordance with Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) guidelines to maintain continuity of care for my clients the best way I can during COVID-19, I am now only offering counselling online. This is either via Zoom conferencing, a great way to counsel people and be able to share counselling sheets and tools, or counselling by FaceTime for clients who prefer that method.

For your enquiries and concerns, I can be contacted by phone on 0416 665 165 or email me at for enquiries or concerns.

May 2020: While I was first hesitant to use online counselling, I have since found Zoom to be a good delivery mechanism for therapy, and body language and tone have not especially been impacted. Furthermore, many clients are less nervous about going to counselling now, feeling comfortable seeing me in their own home. Also not having to travel has been an added bonus. 

I hope this makes you feel comfortable too. 

Take care. Be kind to yourself and others. 

Kindest Regards,