About Karen

I run a sole practice. My name is Karen Kennedy. I have over thirty years of clinical experience behind me. I have also appeared on 2GB’s Healthy Living Program, Channel 7’s Today Tonight, and in two major print magazines. I was the first therapist working in Camden.

My qualifications are-
BSocSc. GradDipCouns. Dip. Relationship Counselling.

I also continue to keep my skills current with ongoing education in very specific courses that I know enhance my work, both with couples and with individuals, with emphasis on relational issues, including intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship counselling, sex therapy, and helping heal after infidelity.

Recent and ongoing training I have undertaken includes-

RLI  – I am an RLT trained couples therapist – levels 1,2,3. RLT is an extremely powerful and practical therapy that gets to the core of relational issues and also helps bring couples into repair.

The Couples Institute – I am a Developmental Model trained relationship therapist.

TIST: Trauma Informed Stabilisation Therapy Level 1 – Dr Janina Fisher

The Relational Brain: The Neurobiology of Relational Life Therapy & How it Works to Rewire Your Brain – Terry Real and Jules Taylor Shore (2022)

Working With Infidelity – The Relational Life Institute 

Secret Sexual Lives and Betrayal Trauma: Repairing the Most Damaging Wounds to Intimacy – Gary Katz and Jennifer Acker

The Institute for Relational Intimacy‘s Assessing and Treating Sex Issues in Psychotherapy (ATSIP), including the 2020 and 2021 training courses

Male Sexuality: Implications for Therapy with Men, Women and Couples – Dr Joe Kort

Working With Unhealthy Self-Esteem in Men – Terry Real

The Embodied Therapist: 4 Superpowers to Dissolve Shame – Deidre Fay

Integrating Experiential Therapies – Dr Tori Olds

Mental Health Arcade’s 2020 and 2024 Mental Health Super Summit

Neurobiology with Heart – Juliane Taylor Shore, Academy of Wisdom Therapy, 

The Neurobiology of Feeling Safe: Working with Boundaries Inside and Out: Level 1 & Level 2 – Jules Taylor Shore

Conscious Loving (Mindfulness) – Tara Brach

I am also a Positive Psychology trained Mindfulness practitioner. I utilise Mindfulness and CBT together as a therapeutic tool for couples as well as individuals.

**I do not work with Domestic Violence couples**

RESPECT: Please phone 1800 737 732

MensLine: Please phone 1300 787 978

Late sessions available Mon-Friday.

**Please note that all sessions are currently (May 2024) via ZOOM. However, there will be some face-to-face sessions available in the coming months. This will only be offered to certain clients. Please feel free to call me if you would like to know more.   

Phone: 0416 665 165 

Because I’m busy it can be hard to get me when you ring. If you leave a voicemail, I will call you back when I am free.

If you prefer to email me then my email is below and I will respond when I am free, or my admin support will, but I don’t respond to texts from people who are not practice clients. 

email: macarthurrelationships@gmail.com