I run a sole practice and always have. My name is Karen Kennedy. I have just under thirty years clinical practice and I was the first therapist working in Camden.

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Marriage & Relationship Counselling
Infidelity & Emotional Affairs
Sex Therapy
Conflict Resolution Skills
Separation Counselling
Working With Boundaries
Extended Family Issues
Childhood Abuse
Personal Development


Macarthur Relationship Counselling is a specialist relationship/marriage counselling practice, primarily dealing in the following:

Contact Details

Phone number:

0416 665 165

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30 Years Clinical Experience
Late Appointments
Last Appointment of the day at 7.30 PM

What To Expect

Very few people come to counselling feeling completely at ease. The idea of counselling can be daunting. It's a personal experience where you share in depth and private information, often with a lot of questions being asked, making you open up even more than you might have expected.

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