Individual Counselling:

Macarthur Relationship Counselling is a specialist relationship counselling practice. All relationships begin with the self. If you don’t like who you are or where you are at, if you feel lost and have issues with attachment or your sense of self-worth, this is a relational issue that needs compassionate attention.

When I first started counselling, I worked extensively with depression and anxiety, which often co-exist. My main area of interest, though, was postnatal depression, something very close to my heart.

While the majority of my work is couples based, I still work with individuals.

Childhood Abuse/Family of Origin Issues/ACE: For client’s who are impacted by the way they were raised by their parents or guardians and wish to break the cycle. This forms quite a substantial part of my individual as well as couple’s practice. Especially for parents/individuals who feel they are modelling patterns of parenting behaviour they didn’t like when they were young. For anyone who believes they are deeply affected by their childhood. It is so important to be free of past abuse or dysfunction, to live your life as healthily as possible, to break a multi-generational cycle and to live life on your terms.

Separation/Co-parenting: Separation is increasingly something that needs to be addressed, even if it is a temporary separation. Likewise, if you have been separated for a while and are thinking about reconciliation, it is important to deal with the root cause(s) that led to any separation in the first place. If you are looking at permanent separation and/or divorce, dealing with your concerns and those of your nuclear family are vitally important. Co-parenting is an important issue. The way parents model behaviour around their children is of the utmost importance. Children are impacted by separation and divorce, but that can be minimised with the right approach and a definite resolution.

Grief and loss: Grief, or grief and loss are part and parcel of loving someone, of having close and caring relationships and ties. Grief can be caused by the loss of someone you love, or because of the loss of something important, like a job or someone’s health. Counselling helps with the development of coping strategies at a difficult, and sometimes emotionally confusing, time.

Depression: I have worked with depression and anxiety extensively. At this time of universal uncertainty and worry, it’s important that this be addressed for individuals and families to be able to function in a healthy manner. Please let me know if depression is causing problems for you and/or your family so it can be discussed and addressed with care.

Inner Child/Experiential Work

FOO Trauma Work: Within couple’s therapy or individually.

Mindfulness: I am a mindfulness practitioner. Over 20 years ago I used to run meditation groups in Camden. In 2020, I undertook Positive Psychology’s Mindfulness X programme. I use mindfulness as a tool for intrapersonal neural integration work, and I use it in conjunction with CBT as a powerful tool for change, also to aid self-compassion, empathy, and to help build greater self-awareness.

Overall: My practice is a compassion, communication, non-judgment-based, and educational practice, all of which are vitally important for supportive counselling, and also for healthy individuals and their relationships.

This is a secular and NoH8 practice. All individuals/couples/partners are welcome here.

**I am a counsellor, not a psychologist, therefore I cannot accept Medicare Healthcare Plans.

Reasonable Session Fees.

Late sessions available Mon-Thurs – 6.30pm start. Friday 7pm start.

**Please note that all sessions are currently (May 2024) via ZOOM. However, there will be some face-to-face sessions available in the coming months. Please feel free to call me if you would like to know more.   

Phone Contact: 0416 665 165 between 10am – 6pm weekdays.

If I’m unavailable, please leave a message and your call will be returned when I am free.

**I do not answer text messages from people who are not practice clients. Please call or email**

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