About Karen

I run a sole practice. My name is Karen Kennedy. I have over thirty years of clinical experience behind me. I have also appeared on 2GB’s Healthy Living Program, Channel 7’s Today Tonight, and in two major print magazines. I was the first therapist working in Camden.

My qualifications are-
BSocSc. GradDipCouns. Dip. Relationship Counselling.

I also continue to keep my skills current with ongoing education in very specific courses that I know enhance my work with couples and with individuals, with emphasis on intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship counselling, and sex therapy.

Recent and ongoing training I have undertaken includes-

RLT trained couples therapist – levels 1,2,3.  

The Relational Brain: The Neurobiology of Relational Life Therapy & How it Works to Rewire Your Brain – Terry Real and Jules Taylor Shore (2022)

Integrating Experiential Therapies – Dr Tori Olds 

The Institute for Relational Therapy’s Assessing and Treating Sex Issues in Psychotherapy (ATSIP), including the 2020 and 2021 training courses,

Dr. Joe Kort’s Male Sexuality: Implications for Therapy with Men, Women and Couples course, (2021)

Mental Health Arcade’s 2020 Mental Health Super Summit,

The Couples Institute continuing education courses. The Bader/Pearson Development Model training, including the 2021/22 course,

Neurobiology with Heart
, Juliane Taylor Shore, Academy of Wisdom Therapy, (2022)

The Neurobiology of Feeling Safe: Working with Boundaries Inside and Out: Level 1 – Jules Taylor Shore

Conscious Loving (Mindfulness) – Tara Brach

I am also a Positive Psychology trained Mindfulness practitioner. I utilise Mindfulness and CBT together as a therapeutic tool for couples as well as individuals.

**My practice book is currently full. I am booking new clients for OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2022**

Late sessions available Mon-Fri. The last session is 7.30pm

**Please note that all sessions are currently (2022) via ZOOM. Facetime is also available for clients who prefer that, but no face-to-face is available at this time. 

Phone: 0416 665 165 

Because I’m busy it can be hard to get me when you ring. If you leave a voicemail, I will call you back when I am free.

If you prefer to email me then my email is below and I will respond when I am free, or my admin support will, but I don’t respond to texts from people who are not practice clients. 

email: macarthurrelationships@gmail.com