Relationship Counselling

Macarthur Relationship Counselling is a specialist relationship/marriage counselling practice, primarily dealing in the following relationship based therapies–

Marriage and Relationship Counselling: Designed to help couples talk to a professional within a safe place and to discuss what is occurring in your marriage/relationship that is of concern. There may not be any big problems, you may just be looking for some basic guidance. There may be larger problems, all can be dealt with here. I offer a private, neutral third party who listens, guides, and works effectively through a program designed to assist my clients to be able to communicate far more effectively. There is nothing worse than feeling sad, helpless or frustrated in your relationship. When communication is angry or defensive, when you feel shut down, it's not possible to come to any meaningful or helpful resolution, you are effectively stuck in limbo. Macarthur Relationships is here to help.

Boundaries. Prentis Hemphill says, boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously. When I think about helping anyone work through boundary work, this is what I want for them. So, how can you love yourself really well and love another really well at the same time, even when what you want is different? Boundaries are at the natural centre of caring for you and the other. When we use boundaries, we are clear about what we want. About what is required and what we can and cannot tolerate. I do extensive boundary work with couples and individuals.

Infidelity. Including digital, emotional, physical. Whether this be an out of character infidelity, a long-term affair or a partner's secret sexual life, I have extensive experience of working in this area and I continue research and ongoing modalities to best support and assist my clients.   

Pre-Marriage/Moving-In Counselling. A great way to discuss any initial differences between a couple. Also, to take a look at or understand what may lie ahead in a long term relationship/marriage with your partner. People aren't taught relationship skills in school, this is a great way to prevent any possible pitfalls.

Complex Family Dynamics. Assisting when there are multi-disciplinary problems within the relationship.

Conflict Resolution: Any problems that are not resolved will only manifest later without any resolution, adding to current concerns. Do you find yourself and your partner starting out trying to discuss a current problem only to find yourself fighting about something that you tried to discuss previously? Do you feel like you aren't being heard? That nothing seems to be resolved? Do you or your partner feel closed off now and unwilling to talk? Good conflict resolution is vital to help couples move forward with essential problem solving skills.

Sex Therapy: When there are relationship problems between partners, intimacy is an area that suffers. It's hard to be vulnerable when you are upset, hurt, angry. It often creates an inability to be physically close with your partner. Feeling close and connected is a part of loving relationships and that is why it forms part of my relationship/marriage program. I also purely do sex therapy for people needing a sex therapist. Desire differences or discrepancy between couples, for various reasons, is something we explore. Helpful tools are discussed and utilised – including psycho-sexual education for erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, premature ejaculation, sexual anxiety, etc.

Extended Family: Definitely a highly discussed topic in relationship counselling. Any problems or concerns surrounding your parents or your in-laws can be a touchy subject that leads to bigger problems between partners, including (many) defensive discussions. Anything that is festering, causing arguments and upheaval, needs quick assistance before it becomes a wedge between you and your partner and, if you have them, problematic for your children.

Parenting: Parenting styles may vary, generally based on how you and your partner were raised. Concerns about your children that generally revolve around different parenting styles are common. Coping with blended families is a frequent counselling topic. Also, pre-adolescent worries, teenage turmoil can be discussed and worked through.

Childhood Abuse/Family of Origin Issues/ACE: For client's who are impacted by the way they were raised by their parents or guardians and wish to break behavioural  patterns. This forms quite a substantial part of my individual as well as couple's practice. For parents who feel they are modelling patterns of parenting behaviour they didn't like when they were young. For anyone who believes they are deeply affected by their childhood. It is so important to be free of past abuse or dysfunction, to live your life as healthily as possible, to break what is often a multigenerational cycle and to live life on your terms.

Attachment style and the implication for your primary relationships – self, partner, children, extended family.

Separation: Separation is increasingly something that needs to be addressed, even if it is a temporary separation. Likewise, if you have been separated for a while and are thinking about reconciliation, it is important to deal with the root cause(s) that led to any separation in the first place. If you are looking at permanent separation and/or divorce, dealing with your concerns and those of your nuclear family are vitally important. Children are impacted by separation and divorce, but that can be minimised with the right approach and a definite resolution.

Grief and loss: Grief, or grief and loss are part and parcel of loving someone, of having close and caring relationships and ties. Grief can be caused by the loss of someone you love, or because of the loss of something important, like a job or someone's health. Counselling helps with the development of coping strategies at a difficult, and sometimes emotionally confusing, time.

Depression: I have worked with depression and anxiety extensively. At this time of universal uncertainty and worry, it's important that this be addressed for individuals and families to be able to function in a healthy manner. Please let me know if depression is causing problems for you and/or your family so it can be discussed and addressed with care.

Trauma Work: Within couple's therapy.

Overall: My practice is a compassion, communication, educational, and non-judgement based practice, all of which are vitally important for supportive counselling, and for healthy relationships.

This is a secular and NoH8 practice. All people/couples/partners are welcome here.


If DV is a concern please contact 1800 737 732

Late sessions available Mon-Thurs – 6.30pm start. 

**Please note that all sessions are currently (May 2024) via ZOOM. However, there will be some face-to-face sessions available in the coming months. Feel free to call me if you would like to know more.   

Reasonable Session Fees. 

Contact: 0416 665 165 from 10am – 6pm weekdays. 

**I do not answer text messages from anyone who is not a practice client**
If I'm unavailable, please leave a message and your call will be returned when I am free.